The exhausting process of job hunting

A photo by Léa Dubedout.
This blog post was honestly inspired by the most excruciating hiring process I´ve ever had, and believe me, I´ve had many and in many industries. In the beginning I was intrigued by the process, but then I was angry. It was frustrating to go through a process that implied several hours of work previous to an actual interview and not even receive a “thank you for applying” note. This however got me thinking about the future of work in general, organizational present needs and the most importa...

I went to prison looking for answers

I went to prison looking for answers and only found more questions. Being incarcerated, learning how to live there and then getting back into society is a vicious cycle for a great percentage of Mexican youth who are put in prison for minor crimes and in many cases wait years to be sentenced. We live in a system that prevents them from being rehabilitated and of course prevents them from proper social reintegration. I went to prison and was able to talk to several men and women who shared...

Ashoka Fellows & Youth Development

Research continues. This time I looked into Ashoka fellows  that have created a social enterprise or nonprofit focused on youth development. There are many amazing projects, I´ll mention some of ones that caught my attention the most. My favorite being Young Africa, because of its creative and well thought out structure, transparency, marketing, youth understanding, program evaluation and community engagement. Hello Motion  Location: Indonesia Founder: Wahyu Aditya He designed a way ...

Theft & entrepreneurship, anything in common?

I was robbed twice this week. Please don´t get me wrong, Mexico is a safe place to visit, however, just like in several big cities you have to be ware of petty crime. In my case, on Monday, I was stolen external car parts while I was at the gym and then on Wednesday (having borrowed my sister´s car), I parked the car outside of work and when I tried leaving I realized I was robbed the main throttle idle actuator, the computer, plugs, among other parts of the car. First, you need to know that in...

Reforms for the protection of children and youth in Mexico

Last Friday was the opening of the “City for Childhood” in Guadalajara. The City for Childhood is a government institution of new creation in the State of Jalisco with the purpose of answering all related needs for the protection of rights of Children and Youth. Recently (end of 2014), new legislation was passed in Mexico for the protection of rights of children and youth. The new legislation basically puts together all state legislations and any institution (from all sectors) that provid...

Could 2016 be the year?

foto café
It´s a new year, could this year be the one for me to launch this project? I suppose there is no better year than this one, for this is all I really have. I got an angel in fact, her name is Victoria Santamarina, and she has a master’s from Duke University and bachelors in political science from UCA in Argentina. But more than those amazing qualifications, she has an enormous heart and tremendous drive to apply her knowledge and skills into projects that could make a difference among a vulne...

An opportunity for social innovators in Latin America

The first step towards creating a model for a business-educational program for at-risk youth has been research. Today I will share with you reserach I've done to analyse the most common approaches done in Latin America by social innovators to improve the lives of at-risk youth. At-risk youth are victims of an exclusive system that perpetuates inequality. I believe youth can be empowered to change their living conditions and aspire to a better life. I believe in the pursuit of justice, equalit...

Rediscover Purpose

A dear friend of mine shared a link to a Ted Talk with me last night, “everything you think you know about addiction is wrong” by Johann Hari, a British journalist who spent three years researching the war on drugs. The talk touches on several important issues that we as a society are facing, and one that is essential to understand adolescence, which goes beyond addiction and is the source of a lot more problems; disconnection. Johann mentions “the connections we have are a parody of human conn...

Youth have a right to a form of expression

Dancing was my way of life for about twenty years. Dance gave my life what at the moment I defined as "meaning". Everything around me was better because I danced, I felt as though I was a better person because I danced. It's the best form of expression I've found. I used to mix it up, which allowed me to express myself even better, sometimes through jazz or ballet, sometimes through flamenco. Dance taught me about discipline. It taught me that practicing the exact same movements every day, do...