My work

Consultant at StepUp Women a new business accelerator in Jalisco, focused on women entrepreneurs. Designed the program strategy for the accelerator and provide follow up and evaluation of the program.


Adviser for the Ministry of Social Development and Integration , which focuses on creating better human and social conditions for the state of Jalisco. Worked for Minister Miguel Castro Reynoso on innovative projects such as the acceleration of 50 nonprofits, 25 of which created a social business to in order to become sustainable.



Consultant at Reimagine Consulting. We see consulting as capacity-building, collaboration, problem-solving, & empowerment. We help nonprofits or social enterprises with all aspects of organizational planning and management, from strategy to fundraising, and more.


Consultant for Aurora Global, a people accelerator and talent driver. I worked along with the founder Ana Paula Barragán, to create strategic programs for a solid foundation for growth.

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